Witty Minstrel - Yuwun Nso Juju Dance (Official Video)


Witty Minstrel - Yuwun Nso Juju Dance (Official Video)
Witty Minstrel - Be Proud (Remix) Dance Challenge ft Magasco, Vernyuy Tina, Kameni, Gasha, Mr. Leo
Witty Minstrel - Be Proud (Remix) ft Magasco, Vernyuy Tina, Awu, Kameni, Gasha, Mr. Leo
Be Proud Remix Behind The Scene (Mr. Leo)
Be Proud Njang Remix
After the success of Witty Minstrel's single BE PROUD empowered Cameroonians and Africans all over the world to be proud of who they are and where they come from, he has again brought in some big names (Magasco, Vernyuy Tina, Awu, Kameni, Gasha and Mr. Leo) to support him and spice up the cultural hit with beautiful verses and voices on the Remix. This song was produced by Kovapot & Wasse then recorded mixed and mastered by Dijay Karl. The video was directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens assisted by Bobe Nkwain Chiambah. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel and stay connected with beautiful music from Witty and please follow him on all social media as Witty

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Witty Minstrel - Be Proud Remix (Juju Dance Version) Complete

Witty Minstrel - Be Proud (Remix) | Chair Juju Dance

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The beautiful culture of Bamenda

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