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07 Jul 2021

How to Promote Your Business On ConnectYu
What is Connectyu
Connectyu on the other hand is a social media platform where Africans can connect and share their creative ideas, information, or entertainment with other Africans. The primary intent of users on this platform is to make strategic and important connections with each other and be proud of who they are as Africans. So create content that caters to their intent of being there. If this is your audience, take advantage of a less competitive landscape from both an ad and organic perspective.
On ConnectYu, we are connecting Africans by Africans
ConnectYu is a social media platform for Africans built by Africans

I am Bobe Nkwain Chiambah founder and C.E.O. of Chillen Media Inc. where we leveraging the power of media and technology to empower you.
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