The CBN Finally Opens up about the eNaira!

18 Dec 2021

In this video, we interview the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria's) Deputy Governor, Dr Kingsley Obiora and the Head of Partnerships at Bitt Inc (Nigeria's technical partner), Imran Khan. This is the 2nd video win the 3-part series about the Naira and in this video, we also share the real reasons behind the creation of the eNaira according to the 22-page Design paper and answers from the governing bank. We also try to explore some of the advantages it has. Do stay tuned for more updates. #eNaira #DigitalCurrency #Cryptocurrency

PART 1 - eNaira Review:

PART 3: The Problems/Disadvantages of eNaira:


0:00 - Introduction
2:33 - Why was the eNaira created?
8:27 - Advantages of the eNaira
8:51 - Financial Inclusion
11:57 - Direct Social Impact & Sector Specific Tokens
13:25 - Foreign Remittances
14:57 - Digital Currency vs Cryptocurrency
17:49 - Example of eNaira Remittances
19:04 - Compliance - AML & CFT
20:19 - How can eNaira grow Nigeria?
23:51 - Next Video - Disadvantages of eNaira


EFInA Report -

CBN Regulatory Guidelines on the eNaira:

CBDC Not for Unbanked -

The eNaira’s time has come:

Distributed Ledger Technology:

Fake CBN Twitter:

Twitter Banned:

MTN & Airtel Payment Service Banks:


eNaira website:
Contact centre on 080069362472
Contact email:

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