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Africa is known for being one of the poorest continents in the world. From extreme poverty to lagging development, it's no question that most Africans have a pretty difficult life. However, there are several billionaires in Africa who have defied the odds and built up massive fortunes that even rival western billionaires. One of these billionaires is Aliko Dangote who is not only worth $11.8 billion but also is the richest person in Africa. Aliko didn't start out from scratch though; his family's wealth first originated from Aliko's great grandfather who was Alhassan Dantata. Alhassan Dantata is truly a rags to riches story as he was raised by a slave woman and had to beg for food as a child. However, by the time he passed away, Alhassan had grown to be the richest person in West Africa. His lineage has slowly built upon his success which has allowed Aliko to build massive sugar refineries, cement factories, and potentially even oil refineries. This video explains the stories of Alhassan Dantata and Aliko Dangote and how Aliko Dangote became the richest person in Africa.

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0:00 - The State Of Africa
0:33 - Alhassan Dantata
2:47 - Breaking Out Of Poverty
4:58 - Generational Wealth
6:14 - Aliko Dangote
7:55 - Billion-Dollar Empire
9:31 - Advancing Nigeria

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