#FoundersConnect Chat with Oluwatomi Solanke, Cofounder/CEO of Trove Finance

10 Sep 2021

Oluwatomi Solanke is the co-founder and CEO of Trove finance, a micro-investing platform that lets Nigerians invest in publicly traded US, Nigerian and Chinese stocks, government bonds and more. Tomi is passionate about new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking. He is also a fitness buff and enjoys health-related activities. I sat down with Tomi to learn all about his journey to entrepreneurship. Tomi shared all about the past ventures he built - the ones that failed and didn't, how to met his cofounder, why they started Trove, Trove's traction so far and lots more. He has had such an interesting journey and you'd definitely love listening to it.

0:45 Tomi describes himself with three words
1:23 Tomi shares his experience growing up, work and educational background.
6:57 Tomi shares how Trove happened
8:25 What was the early days at Trove like?
12:37 How has fundraising been like for Trove?
15:50 What has adoption on the consumer side been like for Trove?
16:47 What is your edge against competitors? Why should anyone choose Trove over others?
19:30 What has been the biggest win so far?
21:24 SCC circular - How does it affect Trove?
24:25 Tomi shares what his life is like outside Trove
25:40 Tomi shares his top two biggest lessons in his entrepreneurship experience

Check out Trove https://www.troveapp.co/
Couch by Taeillo -- https://taeillo.com/products/kemi-duo-sofa

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