DR.Hastings Kamuzu Banda: The oddest dictator in Africa

16 May 2021

Dr Hastings Banda is one of the most underrated African dictators. During His 33 year rule, the country experienced the worst human rights violations and paternalistic control of the Malawians.

He controlled every aspect of their lives, treating his people as children and addressing his ministers as my boys

He banned televisions, beards, dreadlocks and long hair among men. Any sort of political dissent was ruthlessly dealt with through his secret police and Militia.

Though he never had children, he relied on the support of his official hostess and former secretary Cecilia Kadzamira and Kadzamira's uncle John Tembo, who saw themselves as his successors when he left power.

He is remembered on the continent as the only leader who maintained ties with the Apartheid South Africa and Portuguese regimes; backed Nixon in Vietnam and refused to support an armed struggle against the Ian Smith regime in Southern Rhodesia.

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