11 Social Media hacks that will make your business grow faster


11 Social Media hacks that will make your business grow faster in 2021
Social media is beginning to take its rightful throne in the world of marketing, as for many businesses it’s the key catalyst for brand growth. If done right, it’s domino-effect can create waves of positivity for many businesses to boost brand awareness and increase conversions to improve company profits.
There are over 3.5 billion social media users right now and the number is expected to grow even more by 2022.
Promoting your brand through social media is therefore vital to businesses, but getting your content on these channels isn’t what gets you the sales. The key to becoming a successful social media user is engagement. Follow these top tips which I personally used for increasing social media engagement to achieve business growth.

I am Bobe Nkwain Chiambah founder and C.E.O. of Chillen Media Inc. where we leveraging the power of media and technology to empower you.

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1. Set SMART Goals
2. Learn About Your Target Audience
3. Select Your Social Media Platforms Wisely
4. Create Content People Actually Want to See
5. Run Contests and Giveaways
6. Use The Art of Storytelling
7. Share Quality Visual Content
8. Share Other People’s Content
9. Focus on Helping Over Selling
10. Piggyback on What’s Trending
11. Use Google as an Ally

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